mLearning Using QR Code

Mobile learning (mLearning) offers a new way to infuse learning into daily life. M-learning uses mobile computing technologies to enhance the learning experience; these technologies can be blended to engage and motivate learners, at any time anywhere.

E-learning is similar learning portal to M-learning. But there are advantages to M-learning over e-learning include:

  • Flexibility
  • Low cost
  • Small size
  • Ease of use

Context-aware systems with features such as context sensitive data retrieval, engaging learning experiences and improving learning effectiveness have been employed in various learning activities in recent years.

Being in the same category of M-learning, Mobile game-based learning (MGBL) is hot a burgeoning topic in e-Learning. The concept of MGBL is using games to draw the attention of learners and make their learning effective. Many studies have found that MGBL can improve learning motivation and interest, as well as develop creativity and interpersonal relationships.

Implementing technology using vLearn

School introduced the vLearn system and demonstrated how to use the vLearn application. A mobile game-based pedagogic strategy was employed in the self-learning process. Students used ANDROID TABLET phones installed with the vLearn.

A lesson appeared on the screen after students launched the lesson “My Daily Life” on the ANDROID TABLET phone. There were a variety of lessons to browse through. Students just clicked the zone they wanted, and then the content opened materials related to that zone.

  • For instance, when a student selected the zone ‘Vitamin’, a library was displayed on the ANDROID TABLET phone. Students could further choose a specific vitamin to read.

The key point is that students could learn at anytime and anywhere without going to a physical library.

“School Biology Lab Tour” learning activity

When approaching school biology lab, a student used the ANDROID TABLET phone scan the barcodes, QR code and decrypt it. The detected identification code of the 2D barcode was then sent to the vLearn server via a Wi-Fi and student will receive information related to the scan bar code.

Benefits of installing a Vlearn App

Mobile-learning-based technique can

  • Increase student’s learning interest and motivation
  • Increase my revision ability
  • Increase reading ability
  • Increase listening & observation ability

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