Apps vs. web! What is better for Learning Management System?

Vitisoft m-LMS, vLearn, is designed with both responsive web design and it has a dedicated app. The responsive website is presented through HTML5, so that the users with any interface, Android, iOS, Windows or any other operating system, can use the system without being tied down by the operating system of choice.

Responsive web design is for the teachers and education providers. Our standard deployment style has lead to breaking the complex system down into a simple system. Some of the real benefits that vLearn has are:

  • You only need to take care of one system
  • Any user can use it with any device, (such as iPad, Laptop, Desktop, Windows phone etc)
  • Deploy the system over simple one URL for all the students and learners
  • The system will update automatically, so you can focus on providing the best education

Since, it is up to you, so you can use the system according to you, we provide Android and iOS apps too. The native apps give a better offline experience to the user.

Hence, With us, you are MOBILE READY!


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