4 ways the traditional learning fails students

  1. Rigid Teachers and students are aware of problems that classroom have. Traditional face-to-face classroom form of knowledge consumption is seen as rigid. The issue that has cursed the classroom is that fact that student that has a skill for music studies with a student who is good with numbers. This mode categorizes every student into one, into this rigid and tough system. In that environment, it is very difficult to experiment or change the system.
  2. One way education delivery – According to Australian Council for Education Research, a large number of students do not interact with teaching staff outside of the coursework requirements. This shows how little the interaction is between the education providers and the learners. This model of education has divided and put a rift between the educators and the students which does not help either party. The teacher does not know if the students are engaged and if the studies are helping them. On the other hand, the student does not feel connected and hence, loses interest in the content.
  3. Art vs. Science – Art and science are put into two different corners rather than putting them together. Both these disciplines feed into each other rather than complement each other.
  4. Marginalisation of people with different inclination – Kids who suffer from ADHD, dyslexia and ADD often suffer marginalisation at the hand of this mode of education delivery.

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